Addictive Behaviors

Whether you or someone you care about has problems with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or some other area of addictive behavior, the effects can be devastating on everyone concerned--emotionally, financially, legally, physically. Help is usually needed, and often help is needed from several sources at the same time.

So where do you go? If you have a medical emergency, of course, go to your medical doctor or local hospital. If you do not have a medical emergency, however, often a psychologist trained in addictions can help you decide the best course of action.

A psychologist trained in addictions will make an initial assessment that includes an evaluation of your needs around the addiction as well as other psychological needs. The psychologist will then create a treatment plan for you. That plan might include individual, or group or family psychotherapy. It might also include a referral for a medical or psychiatric consultation, or the involvement of an in-patient or out-patient setting (sometimes instead of individual psychotherapy). Involvement in self-help groups might also be recommended.

There is help for addictive behaviors. And a psychologist may often be the best place to start.


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